How to Win Lost Positions

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

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One of the greatest challenges in chess is winning won positions. Now, what if I told you to try and win a lost position?

You'd probably say things like, how's that possible?, or your opponent has to blunder, or I would just resign.

While some of those thoughts are correct and your opponent does have to blunder in the end, you can throw a few curve balls their way and make the task more difficult. And that is the point of today's blog: how to trick your opponent to mess up!

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Yes, you are at the mercy of your opponent if you get into a losing position (so don't get there in the first place!😉), but there are a few things you can do to get yourself out.

Complicate the position

Complicating the position is an excellent way to keep the tension and, most importantly, give your opponent more opportunities to make mistakes. Even if the move isn't the #1 choice of the engine, still play it! Engines like concrete moves, which is the complete opposite of what we are trying to do in a losing position.

The following is an example of playing an interesting and complicating move that mixes up the position. It is completely fine if it isn't the top engine move.

Keep moving

Anything can happen in chess, and if you keep cranking out moves the tables might just turn in your favor. Sometimes, all that is needed is one slip from your opponent.

In the following game, I was never losing but it still iterates the same point: just keep moving in hopes that your opponent will make a mistake. Sometimes, it is the only thing you can do.

Don't lose hope

This is the most important thing to do in lost positions. Mindset can mean everything. If you give up and resign you will definitely lose the game, but if you struggle and suffer in the position, it may pay dividends!

In this game, I suffer an opening disaster but have to tolerate the position for some time. So, I kept sitting and hoping... and in the end I was rewarded.

That is all I have today and thanks for reading! I wish you luck in your future lost positions😉 and refer to this post anytime!

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