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The Complete Chess Training Guide

Full guide personalized for every skill/rating level

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Learn what to study and proper time management for training

20-page article and guide

Comprehensive Tactical Instruction

Learn the correct chess thought process

Calculate and visualize efficiently

Chess tactics infographic to demonstrate the importance of patterns in chess

Practice with numerous puzzles and exercises

Perfect Your Opening Play

Discover what to study in the opening and how much time to devote to it

Get a full resource guide to help you excel in this beginning stage

Learn what openings to play

Know how to prepare against opponents

Master Positional Chess

Access Hours of Video Lectures

Receive 1.5+ hrs. of comprehensive lectures detailing every aspect of the game

Get example and thorough game analysis you can learn from

Get 6 in-depth video lectures 

Learn the importance of counterplay, tactics, and much more


Louis Sparre

Garrett is a fantastic chess coach and I can't say enough positive things about the lessons I took with  him. He has a deep understanding of the game and, more importantly, is a great teacher.

James Stripes

I believe that Mr. Casey is worth your time if you are looking for a coach. He certainly taught me a lot. Send him a message and get some lessons. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Jay Roy

You are well skilled and will be a good coach as you work with more students. Good luck with getting your soon to be Candidate Master title which I can see you obtaining in the near future.

Find the top 5 secrets to positional chess

Know the critical keys to mastering maneuvering and planning

Get a full resource checklist to make your positional skill soar

Get access to numerous free resources, blogs, articles, and information

And More...

Even More...

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Become an Endgame Pro

Get complete checklists for important endgames

Know what endgames to study and how to study

Know how much theory to study

Be miles ahead of any competition you face in the endgame!

About the Creator: Garrett Casey

Garrett Casey is the founder of Casey Chess Tutoring and strives to make great chess players. Through regular chess content such as blogs, articles, and courses, he has helped many achieve their chess goals. At a current peak of 2054 USCF, he is a chess expert and aspiring master. 

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