Hi, my name is Garrett Casey and I have been playing chess since I was 4. I was first taught by my dad, which was when I really took up an interest in the game. From there, my strength has consistently increased.

Some of my biggest accomplishments include:

  • Kindergarten Washington State Champion 2010

  • 5th Grade Washington State Champion 2015

  • 6th Grade Washington State Champion 2016

  • 2nd at Middle School State Championships 2017

  • 2nd at Middle School State Championships 2018

  • Achieved expert rating (USCF 2000)

I have a strong passion for the game and am an aspiring master (USCF 2200). 

I have had experience coaching and analyzing at local scholastic chess tournaments and currently have several students I am teaching now. So just message me and I will respond quickly!

Currently I am at a peak of 2054 USCF.

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